Isla Rosa was founded by model Karina Cabiling who was born and raised in the tropical island, Philippines and has been living in Canada for the past six years.

Two worlds so different but both so stimulating. Isla Rosa was inspired by warm days spent in her island home, winters dreaming about the sea, and soulful travels around the world’s most beautiful islands.

You can take the girl out of the island but you can never take the island out of the girl.

Created for every girl’s island spirit, for the wanderlust who’s not afraid to standout, for the city girl who enjoys nature or pool fun. For the girl who is also a woman- carefree, embraces her sensuality, and in touch with her innate beauty.

Isla translates to Island in Spanish and Rosa, a personification of a girl. Isla Rosa means Island Girl, a wanderlust-inducing brand that keeps your comfort in mind. We strive for high quality, sustainable and flattering swimwear.

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