Why Us

Isla Rosa Swim: Ethical & Eco friendly

We deeply care for our environment and are always looking for ways to produce sustainable and ethically made swimwear.

As a new swimwear brand, our first and definitely not the last action in achieving this was choosing a manufacturer that exceeds the minimum labour standards and one that also cares for our environment. 

Ethical manufacturing practices, this is so important to us. Our manufacturer pays all their staff above average wages. Their staff also negotiate their own contracts and salaries, are provided with comprehensive health insurance for themselves and their family, and are also provided a profit sharing scheme which is paid yearly.

Great working conditions aren’t enough and we’re not stopping there. Here are a few of Isla Rosa Swim’s efforts in reducing harm to our environment:
  • Your purchased swimwear is packed in an eco friendly and reusable cotton bag.
  • As we are an online shop, we don’t need and don't use hangtags to eliminate unnecessary waste. 
  • We use non toxic ink for our label heat pressed on our swimwear.
Oh, and one more thing to feel good about when shopping from us! A percentage of every bikini made with us is donated to River Ocean, Land and Ecology Foundation whose vision includes zero waste to oceans and sustainable businesses for coastal communities. 

Every time you support our brand, or you tell your friends to, you’re also supporting what matters to us. So to you who has already purchased, and to you who’s planning to buy Isla Rosa Swim, on behalf of our manufacturer’s workers, coastal communities, and Mother Nature, thank you! 

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